1994 March: Dar A' Takafa, town of Khémisset, within the framework of the World Day  of the Woman.     

1995  August: realization of the project “Patrimonial Exposure” in collaboration with trainees of the Louvres Museum in Paris  and the support of the service of scientific and cultural co-operation of the Embassy of France in Morocco.

1996 June:  gallery Mohammed El Fassi, affiliated with the Ministry for the Cultural Affairs within the framework of the first edition of the festival of the city of Rabat.    

1997 March: The Arab Maghreb Press (MAP, Rabat), organized by the Defense League  for  Women's rights and Amnesty International, within the framework of the World Day  of  Women.   

          July: Museum Dar Bel Ghazi (Sale), within the framework of the Festival of Youth.

2000  March: gallery Bab Rouah, affiliated with the Ministry for  Cultural Affairs within the framework of  The World Day  of  Women.     

2001 June: gallery of the Museum of the Oudaïas  in collaboration with the Foundation Abderrahim BOUABID,    under  the  topic  “Signe Morocain ».

         Nov.-December: Ethnia theatre workshop under the topic “Signe Morocain : Creations             in the  feminine mode”.

2005 March: gallery La Decouverte, Ministry of Youth, Rabat,  under   the topic  “ Signe Morocain” : Art and cultural Diplomacy ».

2006 May: Theatre in the Park, the cultural organization of the Theatre, ACT, Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France.


1993  December: The Order of the architects (Rabat), under the topic “ Images  past   and  present”.

1995  June-July: training course  in  visual arts, open  workshop, (“transitory Factories”,   Paris), within the framework of artistic exchange  France-Morocco.

1997 October: gallery of the Kalila Wa Dimna (Rabat) bookshop, under the topic “Houses and residences of Morocco”.

1999 February: gallery of the Museum of the Oudaïas (Rabat), affiliated with the Ministry for Cultural Affairs,  under the topic “Garden of the heart”, for the awareness and protection of the Moroccan heritage, see universal heritage.

        May: space Salé, French Institut of Sale, for the sensitizing of the child to the protection          of the Cultural Morrocan, see universal heritage.

2002 June-July May: café-theatre under the auspices of “Signe Morocain ». Artistic platform for framing and launching  young Moroccan talents.

2000 June-July-August-seven-Oct. : Maison de l’artisan, Paris, France.

2008-2009 June-July: Gallery “Au Grain de Sesame” , Rabat.

Sociocultural Events

1999 June: exhibition and  workshops  in visual arts, within the framework of the day of solidarity with the association “Future” to help children with cancer

.2001 June: under The High Patronage of Its Royal Highness the Princess Lalla Meriem, Participation in the campaign  to clean up beaches; creative workshop for children, under the topic “ Pyramid of the angels ».

 July: Sous the High Effective Patronage of Its Majesty King Mohammed VI, Fair of young people promoters, Casablanca. 

Exhibition of fine art and objects of art & craft.

2002 May: solidarity week, College Descartes, for the benefit of the associations Amalouna, Caritas, the House of the Future and  AMSAD.

June:   Exhibition Moubadara, within the framework of the activities of the association ESPOD, Casa.

Presentation of  fine art and art & craft.

2003 February: association Itquane, Casablanca, fortnight of  solidarity. Presentation of fine art and art&craft .

2004 February: participation  in  the organization  and filming of the workshops between  the Battery  Dance Company, New York, and young Moroccan artistsWorkshops of music, dances and songs, organize by the Foreign Office of the  Embassy of the United States in Morocco.

June-July: Trip to the United States, as a guest of  the “Program of International Visitor”, with the support of the Foreign Office, Embassy of the United States in Morocco.

2005 March: organized by “ Signe Morocain , debate on  Art and cultural Diplomacy, gallery the Discovery, Ministry for Youth, Rabat.

August: organization of  the tenth anniversary of Jossour, Forum of the Moroccan Women (light & sound, musical stage, putting together of a documentary).

2006 Nov.: under the topic “MOROCCO ” , participation in the festivities organized by the Theatre of Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France, for the fiftieth anniversary of Morocco’s Independence  with the support of the Embassy of Morocco in Paris. Programming and  organizing  the  presentation of Moroccan photographers’ work on the history of Morocco its crafts and artistic heritage as well as a debate on the new code of the family in Morocco and debates on the controversial film “Morocco France: a common history”, illustrating the evolution of the relationship between the two countries from independence to today.

2007 Janv. at June:  In collaboration with the Chamber of the Craft Industry of  Rabat, the delegation of the craft industry of Rabat,  development  within the framework of  Signe Morocain , of a the scenario and detailed program  of the Festival of the Craft Industry Rabat 2007.

2007-2008 July March 7, 08:  In collaboration with the Free Town of Rabat, the ministry for youth and sports, the Regional Council of Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaïr,  development  and organization within the framework of the activities of  Signe Morocain , of the show Signe Morocain 2008.